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What is a change in status for I-9 purposes and what am I supposed to do if this occurs for one of my employees?

A change in status can only occur to non-citizens in the following circumstances:    

An employee’s work authorization source changes to a different source (example-I-20 authorization shifts during employment to an Employment Authorization Document/Card) OR DHS approval is granted for an employee’s request for citizenship or immigration status change (example-status of “Authorized Alien” shifts to “Permanent Resident” status or “Permanent Resident” status shifts to “Citizenship” status).   

When status changes of this nature occur, the employee must report to HR with all work authorization documentation so that HR can complete an employment re-verification of the I-9 for work authorization source changes or have the employee complete a new I-9 for citizenship/immigration status changes.  This data is then updated into UT Direct and Payroll can update their records for tax purposes, as each designation can have tax implications that affect the employee’s tax liability.  Such updates are vital to the University’s ability to be compliant with Federal Law and ensure the employee’s paycheck is accurate.


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