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What is the process for administering performance evaluations for newly hired employees?

Classified employees who are currently serving their probationary period will receive performance appraisals at 30, 90 and 160 day intervals. 

Classified employees, who have completed their probationary periods and whose last probationary performance appraisal is over two months old as of January 31, will require a performance report closing out on January 31.

Example: Employee "A" received their 160 probationary performance evaluation prior to December 1. They will require another performance evaluation closing out on January 31.

If an Administrative & Professional (A&P) employee was hired prior to December 1, a performance evaluation with a close out date of January 31, is required.  A performance evaluation on A&P employees hired after November 30, and before March 1, will receive a performance evaluation prior to an award of merit. 

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