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Mandatory Training

What training is mandatory for UTSA employees?

- Currently, the only courses that are mandatory for all UTSA employees are SCT100 - Standards of Conduct Training and EP0499 - Campus Carry: What You Need to Know. Both can be found by logging into MyTraining Online with your employee account.

I already completed the Standards of Conduct training, why do I need to retake it again?

- Every employee is now required by university mandate to complete the training annually. The training will be reissued every year around October and you will receive an email notification in your UTSA inbox when you have been assigned the training.

I only work at UTSA part-time or volunteer, do I need to complete the mandatory training issued to me?

- If you have a current, active employee account then yes, you are designated to complete the mandatory courses issued to you by the MyTraining system.

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